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To much discovery channel will do this to a girl.

    I like Bison. They are particularly adorable when they are babies, and are still sort or wobbly. Wobbly bison babies are so far beyond cute that I actually want one, and I have nowhere to keep an animal of that size. I was watching The Discovery Channel’s special on Yellowstone earlier this evening, and that program prompted this appreciation day. I realized how much I love baby animals. This is how I wound up with a kitten that attacks my face and a dog that will probably soon weigh as much as I do. Alas, I am off topic. Bison are awesome. I wish more people would appreciate animals, even those that don’t grow up to be quite so cuddly (You would never cuddle a full grown bison. Trust me on this one).


Wobbly baby bison photo courtesy of Google images.


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