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With special thanks to Hilary for this idea.

I am not sure which reason to appreciate obvious instruction manuals is more appropriate: should they be appreciated because of they are accessible to everyone, or because of the entertainment they can at times provide. While obvious instruction manuals are certainly better than those which appear to be written in some technical language which requires a degree in something other than philosophy to figure it out, I do believe the obviousness of them at times can be amusing. I am reminded of my grandfather, whose response to the glaringly obvious VCR instructions (back when people actually used VCR’s) was something my family talked about for years to come. 

    In unrelated news, Google seems to be celebrating Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar  today.  

    I guess my creativity is leaving me because I’m tired. Maybe I’ll make this post better later. I will try to find some obvious instructions to include in here. Google has failed me, so I must do some more searching.


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