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Don’t let anyone tell you he wasn’t real!

    This quarter I am taking a class in Arthurian Legend. This inspired me to appreciate King Arthur, despite the fact that the professor insists that he never actually existed. While I cannot prove King Arthur’s existence, I would like to draw attention to the fact that when one makes the argument something didn’t happen, because it cannot be proven that it happened, a logical fallacy has been committed. This is called appeal to ignorance. Basically, if something cannot be proven one way or other, you must acknowledge the possibility for either option to be the case. This means that the fact that King Arthur’s existence cannot be proven is not proof of his non-existence. Okay, I’m done being a logician for now. I don’t know that I actually believe there was a man who lived the life of the legendary Arthur and was actually King Arthur, but I do believe the legend is based on a person or  several people. I don’t quite know why I have this childlike belief in King Arthur, maybe it’s the desire that I want to know that there is more to the world than the average dreary. Honestly, the truth being told, I don’t know that I would like Arthur much give attitudes towards women at the time, but there is something about the legend that makes me want him to be real. Oh well. I’m over it really. 

     It is interesting to look at the evolution of King Arthur as a character from the Mabinogion to the Morte (look it up if you don’t know, I’m not in class and I don’t feel obligated to explain every thing I say). Though it should be noted that our modern ideas of Arthur actually come from Once and Future King. Also interesting is the idea held by various people that King Arthur will return. There is a whole society, know as the Order of the Bear that is devoted to this idea.


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