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Special thanks to Hilary for this idea.

     I don’t have much experience with this category, but it does bring back memories of being a small girl and sitting on the dining room chairs at my grandparents house. They were the darkest wood I’ve ever seen, and they were big. I also happened to be small, but that wasn’t relevant, because at that age you view the world in relation to yourself, so everything was big. The world was big. I was normal (note, this is probably the only time in my personal history that this happened. Soon I would go off to kindergarten and discover that I was one of the strangest people out there. Eventually the negativity would wear off and I would start to see myself as unique, and exciting, but my first encounter with the idea that I lacked normalcy was not the greatest). Things that remind me of those early days of my childhood, before I was forever corrupted by the public education system, and remind me of my Le Petit Prince-like innocence and how my mother nurtured my creativity and individuality. In a lot of ways my kindergarten experience was similar to that of Scout Finch, who also realized early on that one cannot be herself in school. I actually had an almost identical experience to Scout in one sense. Like her, I was told never to write, I must print, even though I could already write. Alas, I digress, this has turned into a rant about how public education is doing wrong by gifted children, allow me to get back to the topic of the day.
     Another reason to appreciate such chairs is that they have them in coffee shops, and coffee shops are always awesome. I’m not talking about Starbucks. I mean real coffee shops like George House or The Meeting Place On Market. This could get me started on coffee again. I will not go there, as I had a whole post devoted to it yesterday. I will just say that such chairs add to the coffee shop atmosphere.
      Furthermore tall which allow your  feet to dangle are fun because of the freeing feeling of not having your feet on the ground. While it’s not as if you are experiencing weightlessness, you still don’t feel quite as bound to the earth. It’s sort of like escaping reality if you thing about it. Close your eyes. You don’t feel the ground. For a little while your problems don’t have to be real. I am not crazy, just a philosopher, which means I look at things a little differently than most.
     Something worth noting, my dear readers, is that tomorrow I am having surgery. I highly doubt I will be appreciating anything relating to surgery, though that is not why I bring it up. There is a chance that I might not post tomorrow because of how I feel. I am unsure about this, so it looks like we will just have to see what happens. I will be back soon at any rate. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to warn everyone about this but I do, so you are warned.


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