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Down With Spellcheck!!

What do Chaucer, marginalization, and vegan all have in common?
     According to spellcheck they are all not words. I realize that there are not very many vegans, marginalization is not used in everyday conversation and Chaucer is a proper name, but these words all have enough use in our society to be recognized by spellcheck. Furthermore, the word “spellcheck” is approved by spellcheck, which irks me to know end. To boycott this injustice I am uninstalling spellcheck and buying a copy of the OED. Which brings me to the point of this post… does anyone know how to uninstall spellcheck? Normally I would not take the time to post on things that I don’t appreciate, but this is my plea. If you know how to turn of spell check, help me please. When I entered “uninstall spellcheck” on google, it only told me how to install it. I am desperate. I will love you forever. Probably not. You should still find it in your heart to help me though.

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