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Though they may be slightly frustrating at times.

     Today I spent several hours in a hospital waiting room (My grandma has been sick, hence the lack of posts the past week) putting together a puzzle. I think this is probably just another example of how I’m  trying to (somewhat pathetically) relive my lost childhood, though it was nice to get a way from books for awhile, since I’ve been reading nonstop since probably the beginning of the summer (though I am thoroughly enjoying both Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes).Puzzle-historical-map-1639

(Image courtesy of wikipedia)

In other, unrelated news, the coffee kiosk at the hospital is decent. I would say that it is better than a Starbucks, or any other chain coffee shops, though not quite to the level of most of the locally owned coffee shops I prefer.


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Elementary my  dear readership!

     When I was about 4, I decided that I was going to be a detective when I grew up. This was actually my longest career plan, as I can distinctly remember still looking for clues to what I thought was a grand mystery when I was in second grade. It may have even lasted to fourth grade, my detective ambitions. That was when this thing called reality entered the picture and taught me that there aren’t detectives like Sherlock Holmes (or his Disney equivalent, Basil of Baker’s Street, the Great Mouse Detective) anymore. I still think this is a shame. If I were to be brutally honest, I would be forced to admit that if there still were detectives like that, I would probably drop philosophy this instant in favor of sneaking about the murky London underworld, discovering the truth behind such strange cases as The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Speckled Band (The Ohio Center for Law Related Education actually has a Middle School Mock Trial case based on this one). But I should be getting back to Sherlock. I think the greatest appeal of Sherlock Holmes was his mind. While he had powers of observation that were unmatched, one must also attribute some of his detective skill to his intellect. The fact of the matter is, the man was brilliant. Bloody brilliant, in the spirit of all things England. Some of the things he attributed to simple observation required a knowledge that few people possessed. For that reason, I will always love Sherlock Holmes. 


And, because I cannot resist having a Disney homage:


Both Images courtesy of wikipedia.


P.S. (a note on how annoying spellcheck is): The word “Sherlock” is recognized, the word “Holmes” (common enough last name) is not.

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