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I write haiku

Attempt yet fail terribly

Use dictionary.

I really wish that I could write brilliant haiku the way that some people can. For example I wish that my “about me” on my face book profile, as well as that little box under my picture contained haiku, if for no other reason than the fact that people would look at my profile and think to themselves “This one is different. She does her own thing in an intelligent way. Though when I reflect on it, I realize that most people I know think that I am eccentric to the point that I should be committed, and the ability to write haiku probably won’t help the cause. Still I have an intense admiration for anyone who can create poetry and beautiful thoughts in the standard 5-7-5 syllable pattern. I challenge you, write a haiku. Post it here. Have fun. Create. 

Much love,



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This one deserves an exclamation point!

Today we shall appreciate the art of being incredibly random. This, like other art forms takes years to master, but there are some of us that are born gifted. I happen to be one such person. While normally I’m not one to brag, my randomness is something I am unusually proud of. Living randomly allows you to experience the best of life, and allows you to have adventures that cause non-random people to be jealous. The following is a basic guide on how to become more random, and while results may vary, you will hopefully soon have marvelous adventures of your own.

Victoria’s Guide to Randomness

  1. Ask yourself “What is the most impulsive thing I could do right now?” and then do it. If it isn’t something that would warrant strange looks from the average person, or at least some degree of perplexity, you need more practice, but keep working you’ll get it in time. Read: 1. Whatever it is you’re doing should be legal. I am not to blame if you don’t follow this advice and get yourself arrested. 2. Do not confuse randomness with strangeness. There is a difference between being pleasantly eccentric and someone who people do not want to encounter in a dark alley. The types of things I do when I have these moments involve visiting a Hare Krishna temple, climbing trees, and sitting in a public square with my sketchbook drawing things I see. Doing things that drive people away tend to be a bad thing.
  2. Talk to strangers. If you are under 15, ignore this one. I don’t mean talk to every stranger, as common sense would dictate that in some situations this is BAD. But there are situations where it is okay to talk to strangers, and I recommend you do so. Don’t be weird or scary, but there are a lot of interesting people in the world, and you can learn a lot by being friendly. Everyone has a story, and sometimes you’ll be surprised what you find.
  3. Explore the world around you. If you get the opportunity to go to an interesting old building, and the powers that be don’t care that you look around, do so. You’ll be amazed what you discover. Go in that store you’ve walked by with the colorful window display. Go to antique stores and really look at what they are selling. View everything with curiosity.
  4. Play find the pineapple. I know it sounds strange, and you don’t have to look for pineapples, but look for something. Why? When you do this, you will find that you observe more details than ever before. Trust me it works.
  5. Express passion about the things you love. Why should you hold it in? When people are aware of things which make you unique, you become more interesting. Don’t be afraid to have all sorts of interests that seem strange. If people appear to not understand your zeal, odds are they are afraid to be that expressive of the things they love, and somewhere deep down inside, they wish they could be like you.
  6. Have at least one goal in life that makes sense to only you. I don’t think I need to explain this one.
  7. Read this blog faithfully.

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