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I feel absolutely miserable at the moment, but it could be worse.

     I had my surgery today. My body is completely aware of it. If I hadn’t gotten that prescription to treat the pain I would be miserable. I am fully aware of the fact that this post probably makes me seem like a drug addict, but at the present moment I am genuinely appreciative of the fact that I have something to help me feel better.
     The surgery went well, I am told. There were no complications, and the doctor was able to treat that which needed to be treated. I marvel at anesthesia, because I understood I would be asleep, but the fact that I was unaware of the passage of time amazed me. Mind you, I’ve never had surgery before in my life, so I didn’t know what to expect. I got a purple hospital band, which is awesome, because it matched my shirt and shoes (before I was forced to remove them). I was able to eat after the surgery. My mother didn’t think I would want to, but when I first woke up it just felt like menstrual cramps (and honestly I have felt worse). My mom got the privilege of seeing my internal organs. She seemed thrilled. I don’t know that I would be all to happy about that myself, and I was glad to be unconscious when that happened.


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