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Cognito ergo sum.
I have returned from Columbus where I spent the weekend philosophizing, hence why I didn’t post  for the past two days. Oddly enough, the past two days have been fairly good in terms of site views. This past weekend made me appreciate philosophy even more than I had in the past. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed it, but it was a lot of fun to be around people who enjoyed it as well. It was a great reminder that what I am doing is relevant and useful, which sometimes I do have doubts about, though through no fault of my own. I would love to write more and I shall post about the conference on my other blog, but I am getting tired, so I will leave you with this advice. Go look at the world in a way that you’ve never seen it before, and then you will start to appreciate philosophy more than you ever had in the past.

One more thing worth noting, since coffee and philosophy go together well, I found another awesome coffee shop this weekend. Soon I’m going to have one for every city I could possibly visit.



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Feminist Philosophy class at its finest.

Simone de Beauvoir is one of my favorite philosophers in the world for obvious reasons. She is a brilliant philosopher and writer and her ideas are considered by some (including me, and in this blog mine is the only one that matters) to be the basis for modern feminist thought. Her ideas have been used by many thinkers, and  I recently used her ideas in my paper which was submitted to a philosophy conference. Her ideas in The Second Sex are probably the cornerstone for the sameness approach to feminism. I would write more about this all, but given that I have to write a paper on it, I don’t want  to give too much away.

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