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Because everyday should be the celebration of something.

     The story of Appreciation Days goes back to my senior year of high school when my best friend Cassie and I were sitting in the gym at lunch talking and being bored. I jokingly said that the next day would be more interesting because it was going to be Anarchist Appreciation Day. Twenty minutes later we had days for the rest of the school year, which we celebrated faithfully, though they made little sense to anyone else.

     The story would end there, were it not for a particularly stressful week last year. In the midst of all the stress, I remembered the one thing that kept my senior year from being stressful like everyone else’s was. I started invented appreciation days and announcing them on facebook with a note explaining them all. This received more of a following than expected, and I began to receive requests. I kept this up for several months, but I have recently received requests that I should start back up again. I am starting this blog in hopes that I will one day in the next few months officially switch over from facebook post to the blog forever, however for a while I think I will post on both so that my devoted readers (I’m not sure how many I actually have) can get used to the idea.  



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