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Special thanks to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in Denver for feeding me lunch and letting me take pictures this past summer.

     Today is Hare Krishna Appreciation Day. This is because I went to a Krishna temple in Denver, so I know a little about them. A few things to note about Hare Krishas: 1. They like George Harrison and the Beatles. This is because Harrison donated millions of dollars to ISKCON. 2. They do not sell flowers. This is actually disappointing. I wanted to buy some. 3. They are vegetarians. They do not eat egg products, but they do drink dairy. This is because apparently Krishna’s favorite animal is the cow and he likes how they give milk. 4. They are very friendly and welcoming people. 5. They let you take pictures of their deities. They don’t mind at all. I asked to take pictures of the outside of the building, and they told me I should get some pictures of the deities inside as well. 6. Take your shoes off when entering the temple. I actually knew this beforehand, so I didn’t look ignorant.  
      It was an interesting visit. They invited me to come to their festival the next day, but I couldn’t make it. However they did ask me to stay for lunch. It was delicious.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there 

The guru next to a statue of the man who brought Hare Krishna to the United States

Infant Krishna Battles a demon



It is important to note that I am not a follower of Hare Krishna. I went to the temple to learn more about the world and see different perspectives, as I believe peace can be achieved by trying to understand our differences and similarities, not fearing them. I would welcome everyone to do the same.


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