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        Mother’s day has be thinking about the women in my family. My mother deserves special recognition because anyone else would have probably given up when I was still young. My childhood exploits, while imaginative and entertaining, are enough to make a parent’s hair go grey. Sadly I haven’t changed nearly as much as I would like to admit. I still do stupid things in the name of adventure. My mother still remains calm through it all, how I do not know. For everything you have done for me, thank you Mom. I love you.

       When writing about my maternal grandmother, there is one story that I always feel compelled to tell. I was only about four and I decided that I wanted to be red. No, seriously, I was at my grandma’s and she had these old waxy crayons that actually wrote on skin (this wasn’t their intended purpose), so I colored myself red. I had almost finished my leg when my grandmother discovered what I was doing. I got scolded, and she told me how angry my mother would be with me. She cleaned me up, and when my mother arrived, she took her out of the room to talk to her. I expected to be yelled at and get into a lot of trouble, yet I never heard about it. I mentioned it to my mother years later and she said she had never heard about this. I then asked my grandma about it, and she just smiled. She then said something to the effect of “do you think I would get you into trouble?” Of course my mother let me know how much trouble she would have been in had she done that sort of a thing.

      My paternal grandmother passed away three years ago in January. I still miss her and probably always will. No one could ever replace her. My most vivid memory of her would be when she gave me Socrates the kitten. I can still see her walking up to the house carrying something grey and furry like it was a baby. My father hated cats. He had no say in this one though.


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Special thanks to Oregano for being a Gnome, thus inspiring this note.

My note from facebook today:

“So today we shall appreciate gnomes. This is due largely to the pressure I have been receiving from the gnome lobby which tells me there needs to be an official appreciation day for gnomes everywhere, as they feel the failure for this to happen up until right now has to due largely with ignorance of gnome culture and the tendency of human being to ignorantly lump them with elfs and dwarfs and other small faerie folk. ”

   I then go on to show several pictures of gnomes and non-gnomes and point out the difference. I have not yet discovered all of the wonders of WordPress, thus I am unaware of how to post pictures at the present time. Soon I hope to change all of that. 

     My Grandma once had a gnome in her yard. He was a joyful little fellow and we had many deep, albeit somewhat one-sided, conversations when I was a small child of about three. She didn’t have a name for him. I called him Ethelred, as the old English element of the name seemed to be ideal for a gnome. I don’t know what ever happened to him, though he potentially might still be in the yard, or the boat shed.  I’ll have to look for him the next time I visit. My other Grandma also has a gnome, his name is either Quincy or Zachary, I don’t remember, but she names everything Quincy or Zachary. He stays with her at the nursing home and has been quite the devoted companion. We’ve never really talked much because she got him when I was about ten, far to old to carry on a conversation with a gnome. It’s funny the things which we sacrifice in the name of maturity.

    It is my goal to one day have a family of gnomes in my philosophy garden. That is when I actually own property and have a philosophy garden. There are these things called grad school, dissertation, and then getting tenure that stand in the way of that dream being realized. But someday…

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