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Because I don’t have a problem.

         I love coffee. Too much, some people might say, but I don’t think so. I can hear the words of my friend Hilary now.               “Addict.”
        I am not really addicted to coffee or caffeine, as much as one can say that I appreciate it. I enjoy its taste and its warmth, the way it wakes me up in the morning, the subtle earthiness of it. Recently I have been drinking Godiva coffee, which is amazing if you have never tried it. It is also more expensive than grounds from Starbucks, but oh so worth it. As Godiva is a chocolatier, the coffee I’ve been drinking has a slight chocolate flavor to it. ‘Tis absolutely divine to wake up to. I also have crème brûlée flavored coffee and several others. I fear that I might run out soon, which means I will need to either order more or venture to a mall that happens to be forty five minutes away to buy some. It is completely worth it. I am not very selective about coffee, however, as long as it’s good (it should be noted that I have high standards of what good is). I like good coffee, flavored or otherwise, though it should be noted that I am allergic to hazelnuts. Other than that, I will try anything. I like espresso and I will drink it strait, though people close to me worry that I might have a heart attack, so I’ve cut back. I like all other sorts of coffee drinks as well, as long as they can be made with soy milk and non-dairy whipped cream. 

    My favorite coffee shop ever is George House in Findlay. I love that place. Aside from my Godiva coffee love, George House has the best coffee I have encountered thus far (They also have really good tea, but I shall save that for a day when I appreciate tea). 

   I have not been contacted by any of the businesses mentioned within this posts, or offered anything in return for my praise. I just write about things I like.

    Spellcheck does not recognize “Godiva” or “chocolatier”. Please, someone, tell me how to uninstall it. You will have my eternal gratitude. I might even make an appreciation day for you. Think about that, for a while. Your own appreciation day. Normally you would have to do something to put you in the news to have one. This is your chance!


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