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Day 7 

    Our first ever theme week draws to an end,  which is sort of bittersweet. There are a lot more fruit that I could appreciate, but on the other hand, I do enjoy my randomness, and I will enjoy not having to think in the confines of a particular topic once again. Apricots are another fruit that I feel deserve more appreciation than most people grant them. Like pears, they don’t have much in the way of apricot flavored candy. Yet my aunt’s apricot pie is so much better than any peach I’ve ever tasted. Why is it then that peaches should have all of the attention? We need to encourage fruit diversity. Don’t laugh. I’m being completely serious. Most people are limited to apples and oranges, bananas and strawberries, peaches and watermelon. The point I’m trying to make is that there are a lot of fruits out there that I may one day feature on this blog, give them a chance. It is healthy to do this. Fruit diversity encourages the trying of rare fruits, and once you are familiar with more different types of fruit, it logically follows that you will also eat more fruit. Which is good for your body. Especially if you are a fruitarian.


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The fruit, not New Zealanders (part 6).

       Not that I don’t appreciate New Zealanders, but it is Fresh Fruit Week here at Highly Appreciative, so we must appreciate the fruit. I like kiwi fruit. I hold a special place in my heart for fruit that has seeds that you don’t need to spit out. Furthermore, kiwis are pretty original. Looking at one before it has been cut, you wouldn’t even think it was something you could actually eat. But then you cut it open and find a surprisingly delicious fruit. It kind of makes you wonder how it was discovered. Someone had to be pretty desperate to open up that brown furry thing and eat what was on the inside. I’m glad they did. I’m guessing it was probably the same with cocoanuts, too, but that is another blog post. So go enjoy a kiwi. I’m going to make a fruit salad from all of the fruit I’ve bought because of post-post cravings.


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Day 5 of 7

     As the end of this week gets closer, I feel saddened, as I have been enjoying the fruitiness of it all. So today I shall appreciate the pomegranate. It is both unique and under-appreciated. I find the pomegranate fascinating, but I think it’s just that I like fruit beginning with the letter “p”. The pomegranate does have a unique color and flavor though. It is the fruit of fertility, allegedly, though I’m not going to test that theory any time soon. In Greek Mythology, Persephone ate pomegranate seeds and had to stay in the underworld for half of the year because of it. This is not something I would recommend doing. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a pomegranate. I might look into fixing that.

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Fresh Fruit Week, Day 4.

     Today we’re appreciating my very favorite berry. Like pears, I feel that raspberries are slightly under appreciated.  While a popular flavor, raspberries have been eclipsed in popularity by strawberries and blueberries. I’m even slightly guilty of this, since I appreciated strawberries first, and I happen to like raspberries better. I maintain that this is because a) I was craving strawberries last night, and b) I did it in this order so that raspberries would appear on top of strawberries on the blog. Give me credit for thinking this sort of thing out. Okay, not really, sadly, but it works out that way, so I deserve partial credit. I also wanted to save some of my favorite fruits for later in the week, thus I decided to hold off on appreciate raspberry goodness. I didn’t get raspberries at the store, because they didn’t have them oddly enough, and this saddens me. At any rate, I believe I have some cran-raspberry juice, which must count for something. Even if it does have cranberries it.
     Our theme week is more than halfway over, and I would encourage my readers to think about what they would like to see appreciated after I go back to my random daily posts. As always, I can be reached at highlyappreciative@gmail.com.


I am also sorely disappointed that blue raspberries are not real. You would think they could make them with the genetic engineering they have today. And what are they basing the flavor off of, anyway?

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Part 3 of 7

     I decided to take a break from fruits beginning with the letter “p” and appreciate strawberries since they’re seasonal, and I’m craving them right at the moment. I might have to remedy that when I go to the store tomorrow. At first I thought I wouldn’t do this appreciation day wasn’t a good idea, because strawberries are a very common fruit, but I decided that they were very much appreciable, since right now all I really want is a bowl of fresh strawberries.  Okay, this is starting to bother me actually. I’m going to go to the refrigerator and see if there are any strawberries. If not I may just have to go to the store. Now. At eleven o’clock at night. Because that isn’t weird or anything.

So while I do that… enjoy this picture I found courtesy of wikipedia (you should note, I use it for pictures only, not research)


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Part 2 of a 7 part series

    After pineapples, pears are my favorite fruits. Eating a fresh pear at lunch helps keep me sane it seemed. When they are gone, I am very sad. Not very many people eat fresh pears, which is why the cafeteria doesn’t keep then quite as well stocked as with apples. This is a shame and I think people don’t give pears an equal chance. The flavor of a pear is much more intense than most types of apples, making the pear experience highly enjoyable. Pears also make ap”pear”ances (I couldn’t resist the pun, please forgive me) in movie refrigerators and banquet tables, though not the the extreme that pineapples do. 
     Personally I think there needs to be a movement encouraging pear flavored products. For example pear flavored starbursts, pear flavored skittles, pear flavored lifesavers to name a few. Feel free to add your pear candy ideas here (Jelly belly is one of the few candies that has a pear flavor. I will have to remember to appreciate them for it one of these days.)

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Part one in a seven part appreciation series.

      Happy Fresh Fruit Appreciation week! I’ve decided that we need to have a theme week now and then because sometimes there are things that I can’t cover in a single blog post. This and the fact that I haven’t gotten any suggestions at highlyappreciative@gmail.com, so I thought a theme week would make things easier for me to think of  things to appreciate (I suppose I should stop and say to my friend Ariel that I do appreciate all of your suggestions and I will get to them eventually, I just want to keep you in suspense). So I decided to give theme weeks a try. Don’t worry, I still have every intention of being really random most of the time, but I think this will be a nice change of pace for a week.
    So we start the week with a celebration of the pineapple. This is no accident. As you can see, there is a pineapple on the header of this blog. My favorite game is Find the Pineapple. The truth is, pineapples are everywhere. Seriously, every movie that has some sort of scene involving food, be it a shot of a table at a banquet,  the inside of a refrigerator, or a shopping bag, 95% of the time, there is a pineapple. The TV show Psych makes a point of having a pineapple in every episode. They have there own version of Find the Pineapple on their website you can check it out by clicking here . I love pineapples in a way that goes beyond your basic fruit admiration. Hmmm…. pineapple coffee? Any thoughts on that one?


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