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Alas, I start to get preachy.

     Today  I participated in an hour without electricity. I think I might do this more often. Telling stories by candlelight is always fun. There is a certain feel of unity to this, it is great to enjoy with friends (and coffee, of course, this evening I had Gevalia’s German Chocolate Cake, which is amazing). So I guess this practice was started in Australia (the hour without electricity, not storytelling and coffee) , and the goal is for the entire world to go an hour without electricity in hopes that we would conserve great amounts of energy. I think I might start spending an hour a week with out electricity. Candles create ambiance. Not only this, but after spending an entire summer at camp, electricity can be overrated (though we  did have electricity in the cabins, we weren’t very dependent on it, not the way people are in normal life). 

It is my hope that this post will inspire others to do the same thing. I am trying to spend one hour a week without electricity, because why should it only be once a year.


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