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Special thanks to Bethany for this idea.

     Magenta happens to be one of my favorite colors, so when Bethany made this suggestion I had to run with it. In fact you will notice that the pineapple picture next to mine on the banner (Yes, that is me, in case you were wondering. I might as well admit it to the world) is magenta for a reason. I made it that way. There is a great deal of fun to making pineapples unnatural colors, you will find, if you haven’t tried this already. My bag for school and camp (commonly know as the magical bag of wonder at camp) is also magenta, though I do need to wash the Camp Wesley, spilled coffee, and Camp Otterbien off of it. I also contemplated dyeing my hair this color when I was in high school, back when I was an anarchist and wasn’t much into established order. Looking back it is probably a good idea that I refrained from doing this, since my parents were very much into established order, and could have easily established consequences. 
       So in honor of magenta appreciation day I have written this article in magenta and  I will most likely wear my magenta scarf to class tomorrow (As appreciation days are effective until I make my next post. I am the blogger, I make the rules). I might also paint my toenails magenta.
      As always I would just like to remind everyone reading this that I cannot be one hundred percent creative one hundred percent of the time and I would greatly appreciate (no humor intended) your suggestions (I have posted my guideline  for suggestions both in “Claymation Appreciation Day” as well as the in the “About” section which you can find on the blog’s main page. There you will also find how to contact me if you haven’t other means of doing so.


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