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Though they may be slightly frustrating at times.

     Today I spent several hours in a hospital waiting room (My grandma has been sick, hence the lack of posts the past week) putting together a puzzle. I think this is probably just another example of how I’m  trying to (somewhat pathetically) relive my lost childhood, though it was nice to get a way from books for awhile, since I’ve been reading nonstop since probably the beginning of the summer (though I am thoroughly enjoying both Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes).Puzzle-historical-map-1639

(Image courtesy of wikipedia)

In other, unrelated news, the coffee kiosk at the hospital is decent. I would say that it is better than a Starbucks, or any other chain coffee shops, though not quite to the level of most of the locally owned coffee shops I prefer.


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The end is in sight.
      I still have no idea exactly what I’m doing this summer. At this point I’m going to relax. Don’t misinterpret that to mean that I won’t be looking for something, but I’m going to relax a little. More appreciating tomorrow. Enjoy the summerness. 

Bonus time!

Victoria’s Absolutely Awesomely Amazing Summer Goal List

1. Read all 6 of Jane Austen’s novels. Again. For some of  them, it has been too long.


2. Edit two philosophy papers hardcore. Work on getting them published/presenting them.


3. Read my Complete Sherlock Holmes.


4. Draw in my sketchbook daily.


5. Start a new hobby. 

6. Work on my home barrista skills. No, seriously, I want to be able to serve more than coffee. I want to be like a human coffee shop. Latte_art 

7. Learn Italian. Seriously, I understand it, I might as well learn to speak it so I can do more than eavesdrop.
All images courtesy of wikipedia. 

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Cognito ergo sum.
I have returned from Columbus where I spent the weekend philosophizing, hence why I didn’t post  for the past two days. Oddly enough, the past two days have been fairly good in terms of site views. This past weekend made me appreciate philosophy even more than I had in the past. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed it, but it was a lot of fun to be around people who enjoyed it as well. It was a great reminder that what I am doing is relevant and useful, which sometimes I do have doubts about, though through no fault of my own. I would love to write more and I shall post about the conference on my other blog, but I am getting tired, so I will leave you with this advice. Go look at the world in a way that you’ve never seen it before, and then you will start to appreciate philosophy more than you ever had in the past.

One more thing worth noting, since coffee and philosophy go together well, I found another awesome coffee shop this weekend. Soon I’m going to have one for every city I could possibly visit.


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Yes, another coffee related post. I admitted that I had a problem earlier.

     I used to drink straight espresso. I still like it but people started using words like “massive heart attack”, and somewhere along the lines I decided that a shot now and then wasn’t a bad thing, but I should probably stop filling that venti up with it every morning. This was also when it became widely known that I wasn’t really a morning person. I have some pretty great espresso stories.

Espresso Lesson 1: It is concentrated caffeine  
    The first time I had ever drank espresso I was in eighth grade on a scholastic bowl field trip. I didn’t realize it was as highly caffeinated as it was. I started laughing uncontrollably on the bus ride home. I was almost certain my mother was going to kill me.

Espresso Lesson 2: It is in shot form because of its potency, not so you can drink it quickly.
It is very possible to burn the back of your throat. It hurts for about a week. The strep excuse doesn’t work, you will inevitably have to own up to doing something stupid.

Espresso Lesson 3: If you drink more than you are used to you can get shaky.
     More shaky than normal for me. Seriously, and then as a result you wind up with scalding hot espresso spilt down your cleavage. Because that isn’t an awkward place to get burned… and have scars. No, seriously, it didn’t really scar, luckily (I got ice on it soon enough, which was, again, awkward, maybe even more awkward than the initial spill). 

Espresso Lesson 4: Keep it away from children.
Coaching Jr High Scholastic Bowl. Karma for what I put my coaches through. 

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step. I don’t intend to take any beyond that.

     This post is dedicated to the only man other than Mr. Darcy that I will openly profess to loving. Were it not for him, I would probably be a lot more tired 95% of the time. My coffee love leads me to think of him as an important person in my life. Maybe it is odd that I’m professing my love to a machine that makes coffee, but people value weirder things. Look at people who spend over a hundred thousand dollars on a car… or a hundred thousand dollars on anything really.  I can understand paying this much for a house, but there are people out there that take having copious amounts of money too far, so I don’t think devoting a single blog post to my coffee maker is that bad when you put it in perspective.

The Mr. Coffee people did not pay me to appreciate my friend…. I mean their product.

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One of my many materialistic weaknesses.

     I have an entire drawer full of nail polish and yet I still feel compelled to shop for more. This is actually pretty odd because I never paint my fingernails. You see, I don’t like it when it chips and I feel compelled to fix it, the problem being that this often results in the polish being uneven, which is never acceptable, and then I have to remove the polish from that nail and start over, which often makes it look different from the other nails so I have to repaint the entire hand, thus I spend entirely too much time painting my nails. This doesn’t seem to happen with toenails, so I paint them instead. 
     I like the names they give nail polish colors. Seriously, I always salute Crayola in their creativity in coming up with names, but they pail in comparison to the names which nail polish manufacturers bestow upon their product. This falls on the list of my dream jobs after coffee taster. 

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Part one in a seven part appreciation series.

      Happy Fresh Fruit Appreciation week! I’ve decided that we need to have a theme week now and then because sometimes there are things that I can’t cover in a single blog post. This and the fact that I haven’t gotten any suggestions at highlyappreciative@gmail.com, so I thought a theme week would make things easier for me to think of  things to appreciate (I suppose I should stop and say to my friend Ariel that I do appreciate all of your suggestions and I will get to them eventually, I just want to keep you in suspense). So I decided to give theme weeks a try. Don’t worry, I still have every intention of being really random most of the time, but I think this will be a nice change of pace for a week.
    So we start the week with a celebration of the pineapple. This is no accident. As you can see, there is a pineapple on the header of this blog. My favorite game is Find the Pineapple. The truth is, pineapples are everywhere. Seriously, every movie that has some sort of scene involving food, be it a shot of a table at a banquet,  the inside of a refrigerator, or a shopping bag, 95% of the time, there is a pineapple. The TV show Psych makes a point of having a pineapple in every episode. They have there own version of Find the Pineapple on their website you can check it out by clicking here . I love pineapples in a way that goes beyond your basic fruit admiration. Hmmm…. pineapple coffee? Any thoughts on that one?


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