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Vive La France!

Happy Bastille Day! If you are unfamiliar with Bastille Day, it is the anniversary of the taking of the Bastille (a French prison), which was the beginning of the French Revolution. While I don’t condone the French Revolution entirely (too many people died unfairly), it is the a holiday that allows me to wear a beret, which few holidays do, thus I celebrate Bastille Day. The only problem I have with the holiday (excluding the gore that follows, of course) was the fact that it takes place in the summer. This constantly vexed me as French student because the Spanish students got several holidays during the school year, allowing them to take a break from conjugating verbs, which French students had the constant drudgery of high school (though I did love foreign language classes) without the momentary release of a class party. At any rate, happy Bastille Day! Wear a beret, eat an a éclair, do something French.




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Special thanks to Ariel for the idea.

First of all, allow me to apologize for disappearing from the blogoverse for so long. Between the week with my grandmother in the hospital to two weeks of wonderful camp at Lakeside, I really haven’t had time to update very often (okay, ever). I’ll try to never let this happen again. But I’m off topic. Ariel suggested this (along with other things I will use) when I asked her for suggestions, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this one yet. I love independent films, particularly those which are either a) foreign or b) don’t fit into a specific genre (other than independent, or course) or c) all of the above. Independent films have always had a great deal of appeal to me because of the thought that the creator of the film did all of the work behind it, and they didn’t sell out. I would like to make my own films someday, though I don’t have that much free time, so I’ll probably settle for dating an independent filmmaker (almost as chic as dating an Italian anarchist without all of the messy criminal implications).

I had no idea what to put for the picture with this post, there are so many great independent films, so I decided that I would just add a self portrait where I’m wearing my maroon beret, because it seems fitting enough.


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