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Special thanks to Ariel for this idea.

     Today we shall be appreciating robots. The word “robot” comes from Czech, and is actually the only word in the English language to come from Czech. Robots have been developed to do many things and there are still future developments to be made with them.
 It is because of this technology that philosophers have come to debate the moral implications of artificial intelligence. When does something become so intelligent that it receives moral standing? I think it would be interesting to see someone achieve a robot that was capable of reasoning like a human being. I think it would be fun to be friends with a robot. Robotics also presents interesting opportunities to do things that humans cannot and work in environments that would be impossible for humans to work in. They can be programed to be less prone to error and one would not have to worry about stress like humans have to suffer. My creativity appears to be waning so I’ll stop there for tonight.


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