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This isn’t entirely true. I did finish my Arthurian Legend reading for Monday.

      The title of this post probably gives away the fact that I am still in Surgery recovery mode. As I said before, it is not actually the case that I didn’t do anything. I read all of the Lays of Marie de France. Or at least all of them that were in the book that we have to read for Monday. I’m not sure if the book was all inclusive or not. Maybe I should have read the forward. Oh well. I’m sure the professor will say something about it in class. There was an interesting lay entitled Bisclavret, which is about a werewolf. Not quite as violent as some would expect. Still it was entertaining, and kept me from the verge of boredom, again. I have also made great progress on The Italian.  My day wasn’t entirely unproductive, I just wasn’t up quite as much as I would have liked to be. Everything I did happened between naps.On the bright side, I made it an entire day without taking any pain medication. By any, I really do mean any. None of the heavy duty stuff they gave me after surgery. None of the other prescription I had left over from my cyst-pain, which is weaker than that which I received  yesterday, not even tylenol or ibuprofen. I am very proud of myself. 

    In unrelated news, Dmitri got to meet the author of the book First They Killed My Father, Loung Ung. The book deals with genocide which took place in Cambodia. He got me an autographed copy of the book, so I may be writing about it soon. Maybe.


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