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Special Thanks to Ariel for this suggestion

   Today we shall be appreciating the cinematic art of  Claymation. This art form really deserves appreciation because making a film takes numerous shots involving pictures of the tiniest movement. I don’t know that I would have the patience to do this, and as with most things I don’t have the patience to do, I respect those who do possess that much patience. It should be noted of course that I haven’t exactly had the patience or focus to actually finish one of those friendship bracelets we make at camp, so I’m not sure I’m saying much.  

     Perhaps the dedication that claymation requires is the reason why it isn’t as popular as other forms of animation, and has been under appreciated until now. Well, actually I don’t suppose that a post on the appreciation day blog will change things overnight, but this will hopefully help reverse this trend.

    Claymation films include Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit, and a bunch or other films you probably haven’t heard of. I got the examples from the scholarly glory that is wikipedia, so take it for what it’s worth. The rest of the post doesn’t come from anywhere but the dark, scary depths of my mind. If you want to see the list of claymation films here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clay_animation_(list_of_examples)

    One thing for you all to note, dear readers is that I need ideas for appreciation days, or they will get really boring and I will be forced to keep hitting “random article” on wikipedia until I find something I want to write about. Taking your submissions is a much better strategy. You can send them to me at highlyappreciative@gmail.com.  Several things to note on submissions 

1. I will only appreciate things that I would feel comfortable discussing with my Mennonite great-grandmother in church (were she still alive, and all). 

2. I would like to try to avoid politics as much as possible. That being said I make exceptions concerning famous politicians birthdays, politicians who can be considered iconic or world changing, politicians who have been dead a while, or recently died, Nobel Prize Winners, and any other time I feel like making an exception.  I don’t make exceptions often

3. When I appreciate something that is a specific product, I have not been paid to endorse the product. I have no affiliation with the company that produces it or anything like that. I will probably still give this disclaimer at the time anyway. If this should change, I will also say so, though I don’t see myself selling out any time soon.

4. Please do not think yourself to be clever and send me emails saying “You should have (insert your own name here) appreciation day”. Believe me, I have get this all the time. It is not funny. Any appreciation day requests for people who are not known to me will be treated as these type of request, unless you explain who the person is and why they should be appreciated and attach a source of merit to verify (read: even though I use it entirely to often, I will not consider wikipedia a source of merit for this one).

5. Any sort of racist, sexist, discriminatory, threatening, violent, or hate speech toward anyone or thing will not  tolerated. I make no exceptions on this and will take appropriate action. Furthermore, do not cite the First Amendment as a reason why this kind of speech should be allowed, because it won’t help you with this one. The First Amendment states that the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT cannot limit your right to free speech (though there are exceptions), I am an individual blogger, and I can in fact do so where my blog is concern. If this doesn’t make sense to you talk to a lawyer, or a government teacher (I would recommend this one, they don’t come with fees), and they will tell you I am right. How do I know this? I live with a Government teacher myself.

6. I don’t want to hear about Ayn Rand. So don’t bother making that suggestion.


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