Because I couldn’t think of anything else, so I resorted to a random article on Wikipedia. 

    Toucans are colorful, and I like colorful things. That is probably the only reason why I didn’t keep hitting “random article” until I found something else. I love rainforests and rainforest animals (read: every time I type the word rainforest, that familiar little red line appears underneath it. Spellcheck, I despise you.), though I’m not a big fan of rainforest insects. There was a rainforest exhibit at the zoo that I went to every summer as a child, and I could have spent all afternoon in that exhibit. Seriously, it was the only part of the zoo that I would be heartbroken not to see. I don’t think there were toucans, but they had pictures. I seriously do want to venture to the rainforest one of these days, though the whole insect thing kind of bothers me. I’ll figure out a way, I sure.



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I am a strange, strange girl.

In another exhibit of Victoria weirdness, I like thunderstorms. I’ve never actually been scared of them, and I’m not entirely convinced that this is a completely good thing. I have little survival instinct and I’m rarely convinced to come inside. I like the sound of thunder, I am impressed by lightning, and I love rain. There is a certain majesty to them. I can appreciate them aesthetically, odd as that may be. I get adrenaline rushes from the storms. I once had to run home (or to my room at band camp, rather) in an intense storm. I was thrilled. The scarier, the longer, the better. I am a very strange person indeed.



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Elementary my  dear readership!

     When I was about 4, I decided that I was going to be a detective when I grew up. This was actually my longest career plan, as I can distinctly remember still looking for clues to what I thought was a grand mystery when I was in second grade. It may have even lasted to fourth grade, my detective ambitions. That was when this thing called reality entered the picture and taught me that there aren’t detectives like Sherlock Holmes (or his Disney equivalent, Basil of Baker’s Street, the Great Mouse Detective) anymore. I still think this is a shame. If I were to be brutally honest, I would be forced to admit that if there still were detectives like that, I would probably drop philosophy this instant in favor of sneaking about the murky London underworld, discovering the truth behind such strange cases as The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Speckled Band (The Ohio Center for Law Related Education actually has a Middle School Mock Trial case based on this one). But I should be getting back to Sherlock. I think the greatest appeal of Sherlock Holmes was his mind. While he had powers of observation that were unmatched, one must also attribute some of his detective skill to his intellect. The fact of the matter is, the man was brilliant. Bloody brilliant, in the spirit of all things England. Some of the things he attributed to simple observation required a knowledge that few people possessed. For that reason, I will always love Sherlock Holmes. 


And, because I cannot resist having a Disney homage:


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P.S. (a note on how annoying spellcheck is): The word “Sherlock” is recognized, the word “Holmes” (common enough last name) is not.

Where else would we put dead people?

     Okay, before you start thinking to yourself, “This post borders on morbid,”  you need to look at cemeteries in a new light. The only reason they seem creepy at night is because people allow them to seem that way. People go to cemeteries looking to be scared. That’s why so many weird things appear to (read: yes, that’s right, I said “appear to”) happen in cemeteries. 
     Here’s how I see it: we should NOT forget about cemeteries. They should not be avoided. This is were so much of our history is kept. Other cultures do things to honor the dead, we build stone memorials and put them in a fenced in area so that we can forget about them. Not everyone does this, but still we need to look at cemeteries with respect, not fear.

I intend to visit cemeteries this summer. We have a few that are extinct nearby. I shall blog about it. Here comes an entirely new blog.CAGrave

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Whoooo would have though?

Yes, another post inspired by The Sword in the Stone. Archimedes is by far my favorite Disney character ever. He is sarcastic and intelligent, and I tend to better relate to people like this. Owls are also very fascinating creatures in the non-cartoon variety as well. They are divided into two types scientifically, common owls and uncommon, or barn owls. Owls mate for life. A friend of my mother once found an owl feather… it was amazing.

Without further ado, the pictures… courtesy of google images.










SUN0418 Burrowing owls


There are a lot of pictures because there are a lot of owls.

Because I am that nerdy.
I would like to work at an opera one day. Just as a part time thing really. I really wouldn’t need to be paid, I would volunteer. It seems like a world worth experiencing from backstage. The costumes, the props, the sets, the everything. It is a world where everything is beautiful. I don’t know what it is exactly about this glittering  art form that draws me in so much, but there is something that makes me want to be a part of it. This post has been entirely to sentimental. It’s just that opera is a glittery world set to music.



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Everyone’s favorite purple vegetable. By default. Because there are no others.
The valedictorian of my high school graduating class did not know what an eggplant was. Because of the intense rivalry between the two of us, this made me love it more than I already did. Which speaks volumes considering that by this point in time, I’d already had four eggplant themed art projects. I had an egg plant in my art locker. His (don’t ask me how I knew it was a boy eggplant) name was Egbert (I seriously lacked the creativity of my younger years when I was in high school). I had to throw him away because he started to smell and my art teacher didn’t approve of me taking him out of the art room for some Shakespearian theater inspired fun (look it up if you don’t know, I’m not going to explain everything). It was a sad day. So in honor of today, it’s an “egg”-stravaganza, all images courtesy of wikipedia.