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Some of them do eventually kick the habit.

    If this post offends you, please forgive me. I am not making fun of nuns by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary, I am applauding a recent brilliant strategical move that they have made. You see, I have recently been informed that nuns no longer have to wear habits. At least some orders do not. If you do not see the brilliance of this move, ask yourself this question: “When was the last time I swore in the presence of a nun? Or, for that matter did anything unholy in the presence of a nun?” For most people the answer is never. Really who does those things around nuns? It is an inherent quality of nuns is that their very presence make those around them behave like better people regardless of their religious creed. Now the nuns have gone stealth. The concept strikes me as surprisingly similar to undercover police. Think about it (this isn’t just paranoia). Any woman could be a nun (well, almost any), so you could be swearing in the presence of a nun and not even know it. The only way to be certain you aren’t is to not do it. This is panopiticon model of nun-ness (if there is such a word). 

While I applaud the stealth nun idea, I still sort of want to join The Daughters of Charity because of the fun habit.


Image courtesy of wikipedia


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Though they may be slightly frustrating at times.

     Today I spent several hours in a hospital waiting room (My grandma has been sick, hence the lack of posts the past week) putting together a puzzle. I think this is probably just another example of how I’m  trying to (somewhat pathetically) relive my lost childhood, though it was nice to get a way from books for awhile, since I’ve been reading nonstop since probably the beginning of the summer (though I am thoroughly enjoying both Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes).Puzzle-historical-map-1639

(Image courtesy of wikipedia)

In other, unrelated news, the coffee kiosk at the hospital is decent. I would say that it is better than a Starbucks, or any other chain coffee shops, though not quite to the level of most of the locally owned coffee shops I prefer.

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I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this one sooner.

   In the world of orange juice there is one that stands above the rest. That is Valencia Orange juice. While it may cost over 4 dollars for a half of a gallon, it is absolutely worth it. Valencia orange juice is pure orange and pure awesome. No other orange juice is this pure, or this delicious. It is the magic elixir for colds and the flu (I know, I’ve tried it), and unlike other orange juices, it never tastes fake.\n610791321_1196103_6131

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To much discovery channel will do this to a girl.

    I like Bison. They are particularly adorable when they are babies, and are still sort or wobbly. Wobbly bison babies are so far beyond cute that I actually want one, and I have nowhere to keep an animal of that size. I was watching The Discovery Channel’s special on Yellowstone earlier this evening, and that program prompted this appreciation day. I realized how much I love baby animals. This is how I wound up with a kitten that attacks my face and a dog that will probably soon weigh as much as I do. Alas, I am off topic. Bison are awesome. I wish more people would appreciate animals, even those that don’t grow up to be quite so cuddly (You would never cuddle a full grown bison. Trust me on this one).


Wobbly baby bison photo courtesy of Google images.

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Because I couldn’t think of anything else, so I resorted to a random article on Wikipedia. 

    Toucans are colorful, and I like colorful things. That is probably the only reason why I didn’t keep hitting “random article” until I found something else. I love rainforests and rainforest animals (read: every time I type the word rainforest, that familiar little red line appears underneath it. Spellcheck, I despise you.), though I’m not a big fan of rainforest insects. There was a rainforest exhibit at the zoo that I went to every summer as a child, and I could have spent all afternoon in that exhibit. Seriously, it was the only part of the zoo that I would be heartbroken not to see. I don’t think there were toucans, but they had pictures. I seriously do want to venture to the rainforest one of these days, though the whole insect thing kind of bothers me. I’ll figure out a way, I sure.



All images courtesy of wikipedia.

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